PARENTS GIDOLE is a chiarity organization based in Iceland that will work to ensure the educational foundation for poor children,orphans affected by HIV / AIDS in the town of GIDOLE in southern Ethiopia. As of mid September 2010 12 children started to get support through PARENTS GIDOLE with free school,food and cloths. Now they are 17.



Children of PARENTS GIDOLE will help develop the new Ethiopia, with emphasis on knowledge, tolerance, democracy, freedom, peace, equality, fairness, optimism, care and effort.

Organisational Linking

a)  PARENTS GIDOLE is an independent organization that primarily works with individuals (regular donors).
b)  PARENTS GIDOLE aims to build a stronger financial and organizational networks through cooperation with humanitarian organizations, kindergartens, schools and businesses



PARENTS GIDOL’S buddy system is minimum ISK 2500 per month in contributions.


PARENTS GIDOLE is led by the Board (3 members and 2 alternates) who is the highest authority between annual meetings. It held elections of Board 26-05-2010 for the first time. The Board consists of Maria Loa Friðjónsdottir , Yirga Mekonnen Beyene , Sigvaldi Jóhannsson , Ardnemagnus Hanneson , Azeb Kahssay .


 The name PARENTS GIDOLE is selected to signal the kindly decision of supporters to be A PARENT to the needy ones in GIDOLE CITY and all the positive developments it is hoped that children will live up to regardless of whether they grow up in a rich or poor countries ; whether they have parents or not . There should be an advantage to be a part of our community.We work to facilitate that children of PARENTS GIDOLE will be first safe , active productive, progressive and maybe something more.


Gidole is a town in southern Ethiopia, and is the administrative center of the Dirashe special woreda. Located in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region, this town has a latitude and longitude of 05°39′N 37°22′E / 5.65°N 37.367°E / 5.65; 37.367Coordinates: 05°39′N 37°22′E / 5.65°N 37.367°E / 5.65; 37.367 with an elevation ranging from 2045 to 2650 meters above sea level. The town is named after the Gidole or Gardulla people, an ethnic group of southern Ethiopia better known as the Dirashe.


          Gidole Girl
Just in Gidole and around Gidole found atleast 5 kinds of ethnic groups with their own dilects. According to Oscar Rudolph Neumann, who visited the town in 1902, Gidole was the seat of the queen of the Dirashe until the Ethiopians under Menelk II conquered them; the woman was still alive at the time of Neumann's visit. Based on figures from the Central Statistical Agency in 2005, this zone has an estimated total population of 129,934. The old Gidole city used to be on High Mount Gardolla (2545 meters) until the second world war , but later the Italians moved the town to today´s place. Most of the inhabitants in gidole speaks atleast 3 or more local languages. Gidole city is one of the few destinations of Icelandic missionaries in Ethiopia serving as evangelists , doctors, nurses and so on.

PARENTS GIDOLE´s first project

PARENTS GIDOLE‘S first project is to support the operation of MARGRÉT KINDERGARTEN in Gidole , A KG name dedicated to the very known (in Gidole and Konso), kind , passionate Icelandic missionary woman whose name is , Margret Hrobjartsdottir served since about 50 years ago around KONSO and GIDOLE which was started in september 2010. Yirga Mekonnen ,one of the  founder of PARENTS GIDOLE has been responsible for financing on the construction and start of kindergarten ( the construction of new class rooms is finished on August 2010 .From September 2010 Margrate Kindergarten started to support 12 poor children with food ,clothing and school uniform. Now we are supporting 17 children.The costs are coverd by 15 sponsers through Parents Gidole in iceland.
The newly built  Margret Kindergarten is capable of recieving 80 children.