Margret  Kindergarten 

Margret Kindergarten is A kindergarten stablished  in mid September 2010 to give chance of early schooling for those who would never get it otherwise in Gidole town of Ethiopia . This KG name is dedicated to the very known (in Gidole and Konso), kind,  passionate Icelandic missionary woman whose name is Margret Hrobjartsdottir served since  about  50 years  ago around KONSO and GIDOLE .There are many successful people around the world today that Margret personaly has given them a chance that they would never get it other wise.We hope our kindergarten dedicated to her name will Provide support to those needy once in Gidole and make their future better.From September 2010  17 poor  children started to get  free school,food and school uniforms with the coopration of Foreldrafélag Gidole-Iceland/ parents Gidole-Iceland/.

Margret KG has 4 staff members, 2 teachers 2 security/guards/ and head of M . kindergarten.

The founder of Margret Kindergarten,Yirga Mekonnen has been responsible for financing on the construction and start of kindergarten. The construction of new  class rooms already  completed on August 2010 . By this time we have lack of  enough class rooms,furnitures,toys,books and other teaching aids.

Our warm wel come for those of you who want to support !!



                  Pictur of Hulagerish 7, Emaiti 5 ; Abatu 4 and their little sister

 This 7 years old girl is Hulagerish Belete from Gidole .Her father  passed away from HIV,  and  her mother is allways sick. Hulagerish is the one who is taking care of her  sister  Emaiti  5 ;  little brother Abatu 4 ; the little sister 2 ,the one who is carried by Hulagerish and of course her mother.


Hulagerish have never been at any kind of school. She  was  begging daily in the town of Gidole to provide food for the intire family. Some times she work to get bread.

We have good and bad news about this family.The good news is Hulagerish and her brother Abatu are  one of the children we are supporting today with free school, food and school uniforms.The bad news is Emaiti 5 and and the little girl 2 together with their mother have no one to take care of them.This simply tels us that our task is huge and our journey is long.